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Taxation Services

J. Kromida, Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA, CA can help you plan for the future and avoid liability with smart tax strategies that work. Our full range of business and personal taxation services cater to the needs of clients under Canadian, United States and Greece tax jurisdictions, irrespective of their physical location.

Tax minimization is a taxpayer’s legal right, whereas tax avoidance is a crime. Effective planning can maximize the utilization of one’s right to minimize their tax burden to the minimum possible.  Our experienced and highly-trained tax professionals are adept in all of the following services and work with you to determine how best to meet your particular needs:

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Personal Tax

For many business owners, their personal tax situation is closely linked to their corporate one. Our tax advisors who specialize on both corporate and personal tax (meaning they understand that corporate and personal taxes can sometimes overlap) can provide effective strategies to minimize your overall tax burden. Careful planning goes a long way to lessen the tax impact on both personal and corporate levels.

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Income Tax

We provide our clients with effective strategies and advice to minimize their taxes. All businesses, large and small, are faced with the issue of taxes. How much you pay can be greatly influenced by careful tax planning strategies. Let us show you how to save taxes.

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Commodity/ Indirect Tax

It is important to your company’s future to ensure your commodity taxes are being collected and remitted as required. We can help you in the administration of your commodity and indirect taxes. We shall review your operations to ensure that the appropriate controls and systems are in place and help you make the most of your tax credits and allowances.


International Tax

Access a network of tax professionals who have the expertise to get you through the ins and outs of international tax laws. For companies that embark on international business, tax laws can get tricky. We have access to a network of tax professionals around the world who have the expertise – and patience – to help you get through the ins and outs of tax-effective earnings repatriation, tax-effective cross-border transaction structuring, and more.

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Research & Development (R&D)

Tax Credits

Let our tax professionals determine your eligibility for an R & D tax credit, then assist you in filing a claim. Currently, the Canadian government is encouraging innovation with some of the most generous incentives in the world. However, it’s estimated that less than 15% of qualifying companies actually apply for these benefits. Current R & D expenses may be eligible for a 35% refund from the CRA. Your business may be missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds!

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