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People don’t work for free – even though they may enjoy their work they expect to be paid on time, efficiently and precisely.

Large organizations can afford in-house payroll departments, but for many smaller to medium sized businesses the need to employ staff and set up payroll systems can be very time consuming, and costly. Indeed, constantly changing payroll regulations require compliance, and stiff penalties can be the price of errors or non-compliance.

At J.Kromida, Chartered Professional Accountant, CA our payroll specialists will tailor our payroll services to your needs. This allows you and your resources to be concentrated on the crucial aspects of running and growing your business.

Our full rangeCalculation of gross to net payroll results with statutory and company deductions.

  • Importing of time clock data or data entry

  • Balancing and reconciliation.

  • Process benefit, pension and alimony deductions.

  • Government tax filings and remittances.

  • Complete yearend processing, including T4s, Relevé 1s, related summaries, and other forms.

  • Produce Records of Employment (ROEs- separation slips) for terminations or leave of absences.

  • Worker’s compensation (CSST) reporting.

  • Provincial health plan calculations and remittances.

  • Garnishments.

  • Extensive payroll reporting with journal files.

  • Assist with Governmental payroll audits of payroll records.

  • of payroll services include the following

Credit Assessment
Variety of Coins
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