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Estate &

Succession Planning

One could spend a lifetime working hard to provide for their future, as well as that for their family, but lose their assets/ income, or have less than they planned by not plan their affairs properly.


Also, questions arise:

  • How do you build up and protect your future from these threats?

  • How would your family survive if you were not here to provide for them?

  • What would happen to your investments or business that have been built over many years?

  • Who shall “take over” when the time comes to “let go”?

  • How do I ensure that I have enough to live on when I retire?

Power of Attorney

These are not pleasant things to think about, so we put them off for another day. That day, however, shall come. Many unexpected things happen- things that may seriously threaten your entire Family’s financial future. We can help protect your Family’s future in properly planning your/ their business and assets.

Issues that may be of concern:

  • Goals advisory- what are your objectives and how can you achieve them?

  • Business succession planning- how to maximize the transfer of your business, using all methods available – reorganization, establishment of setting up trusts, the gifting of assets, etc.

  • Trust planning- Use of inter-vivos (living) or testamentary trust in view of:

    • Tax minimization, including income splitting;

    • “Creditor- proofing” your assets and property;

    • Reducing related probate fees;

    • Giving control and income of assets to beneficiaries, as per family objectives; and

    • Possible use of a family-owned company.

  • Domestic and cross-jurisdictional tax minimization strategies- tax efficient plans shall be established given possible multiple jurisdictional holdings and location of beneficiaries.

  • Will planning and review- establishment of effective and tax- efficient wills to ensure achievement of planning objectives.

  • Double taxation- proper planning shall eliminate and avoidable taxes, by the use of proper planning procedures.

  • Asset disposition planning- we can provide valuation services to minimize any tax consequences of any dispositions.

  • Charitable gift planning- we can help in the establishment of private foundations, or use of insurance policies or other planned giving methods to further reduce any potential tax implications.


We will help you build a tax-effective plan that will transfer ownership and maximize benefits for you and your heirs. Our team of professionals is here to assist you achieve your goals, all the while reducing taxes and maintaining hard earned assets. A little planning goes a long way in this critical field. It can be a “win- win scenario” for all.

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